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Reduce Visual Stress & Digital Eye Strain

Our Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses are engineered to eliminate digital eye strain and recommended by doctors to protect your vision during computer and device usage.


Why Choose Blue Light-Blocking Glasses?

The special lenses eliminate eye-strain and reduce headaches caused by scattering blue light. Your eyes don’t have to work as hard to focus on that high-energy, short-wavelength spectrum.



You will be able to fall asleep faster, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake up feeling much better-rested. Filtering blue light helps regulate melatonin production and helps your body adjust back to its natural sleep rhythm.



Long term blue light exposure can lead to serious medical conditions such as macular degeneration. Rather than treating this condition later in life, it’s far more beneficial to prevent it all together.



Our Gaming Glasses are used to:


✅ Block Blue Light
✅ Reduce Digital Eye Strain
✅ Prevent Dry Eyes
✅ Minimize Glare
Help You Sleep Better

Our Clear Lenses vs. Popular Blue Light Filtering Software



34 reviews for Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses

  1. U***r

    Great quality, look and build is really nice! Wish i had a blue light to test, but so far so good!

  2. M***r

    Wow! It was correctly delivered as ordered. strongly recommend this item and store.

  3. M***z

    The glasses are fine, perfectly protect the eyes and perform their function very well. Excellent the case, it is strong and very good quality. I completely recommend the product and store.

  4. V***o

    Chic glasses for your money. Eyes stopped hurting, sit well, do not interfere.

  5. L**e

    Very Cool and Stylish. These Glasses are sturdy and well made and I highly recommend them!

  6. M*****l

    Glasses are not bad but not on a wide face

  7. P***o

    Excellent product!!

  8. G***r

    Delivery very faaast thanks

  9. E***c

    Very nice, will order more!

  10. N******e

    Pretty good quality for the price

  11. J******e

    It is beautifully designed and looks great on my face.

  12. T**m

    Good quality glasses. Packed as a crystal vase.

  13. P****r

    very good product, arrived quickly, recommend it

  14. M***e

    Just super for such money, took because the seller advised for the computer

  15. A********o

    Happy with glasses! They look great. Buy boldly!

  16. D*****l

    Glasses are plastic, there are no scratches, came in a soft package. Let’s see if the eyes will get tired from the PC or not.

  17. M*****n

    Super glasses, perfectly packed, came very quickly. Recommend!!!

  18. J*****n

    Good glasses for their price, the eyes get tired less. The glasses themselves are light, they do not press anywhere. Packed very well.

  19. A*****a

    The glasses are super, the eyes get tired really much less. I advise you.

  20. R*****t

    Excellent! I highly recommend the seller. The glasses are beautiful! Happy for the purchase, fast shipping.

  21. M***k

    Blue anti-glare coating on yellow lenses is not noticeable. In general, the quality is good, the frame is decent.

  22. C********n

    I received the item today. The seller is an awesome person, helped me a lot to make a decision and responded to my messages very quickly. Thanks for everything.

  23. E*****e

    Very nice lenses, good quality, look expensive

  24. L*******e

    The goods arrived in perfect condition. The glasses are very good. The glasses are perfect. I thank you for the perfect shipment!

  25. J****y

    I had been thinking about getting a pair as I am a developer and spend immense amount of time in front of the screen when I came across an Instagram ad for 50% off and thought why not! I had a great ordering experience, super fast to checkout, delivery was extremely fast, the price was awesome. Now I can’t make claims to how much they will help with eye strain, headaches etc, yet! But they fit great and are super comfortable plus my wife thinks they make me look sexy, so I’ll take that any day! Thanks for making a great product!

  26. K**m

    Great feel and quality!

  27. A*****n

    I wear them everyday and the day I forgot them before I left for work I genuinely noticed the difference. As someone who’s spent way too much time looking at blue light from work and recreational gaming I was starting to get blurred vision from it and ever since I started wearing them it’s helped dramatically

  28. P***l

    Love them! Had them for 2 weeks and i can tell a huge difference. Customer service was great. Entered wrong zipcode. Replied to confirmation email. Got back to me within the next 2 hours. Received glasses promptly!

  29. W******m

    Quality and well made product. Have already passed on the link to a few others and their orders should already be on the way. Very happy customer.

  30. S******e

    I work at a desk staring and 4 screens 9-10hrs a day and I also have a sensitivity to fluorescent lights. I used to get headaches regularly and would get dizzy when in places with fluorescent lights such as grocery stores. I have had these glasses for about 4 months and they have made such a huge difference! I love love love them! They have cut my head aches way down and I don’t get dizzy from fluorescent lights when wearing them. I have gotten 2 of my office lady’s to order a pair also since they were having issues with headaches and they love them as well. I suggest them to everyone. I would definitely recommend these. They are 100% worth the money.

  31. G******t

    These glasses right here are the Pinnacle of gaming glasses. I strongly recommend picking up a pair of these glasses. They keep your eyes in check . they don’t dry up your eyes. They don’t get heavy and to me thats the most important part.

  32. W*****n

    These glasses are great quality for the price and definitely filter the blue light as advertised.

  33. P***l

    Way more comfortable than I anticipated. I have been wearing them for 8+ hours a day and I forget I’m even wearing them. I definitely recommend!

  34. R***n

    I used to think gaming glasses were a gimmick awhile back just a way for companies to make money. All that changed once I got a pair of Victory Series! Once I put them on it felt like it put everything in HD. I was super impressed. For the skeptics this is definitely a product true to their word!

  35. D********s

    It definitely makes me feel different. I havent used them enough yet to say that they 100% work but I see that my eyes don’t hurt anymore from any kind of screen that I have and it really eases the “pain” of the light of the screen when I’m gaming at night. I recommend them especially to people that already have some problems with their eyes. My eyes are perfectly healthy and I’m sure with these glasses they are gonna keep being healthy. Thank you for this great product guys.

  36. A****a

    I love my glasses!🤗
    Best addition to any gaming purchase! My eye strain and just focusing issues have been less of an issue since I’ve been wearing blue light filtered lenses!
    The designs are super cute and sleek as well!

  37. M***k

    After playing 6 hours of gaming noticed I had a little red eye and the next day when i got my eye where no red eye no fatigue I felt great to lay my head down and go to sleep with no eye strain and blurry vision! Awesome product! 💪

  38. A******a

    I love it! That’s so cool, i never thought i would be so comfy with these glasses. No headaches anymore!

  39. F****t

    Only issue I have with them is they fit a bit tight on the bridge of the nose which took sometime to get used to. They 100% greatly reduce eye strain. I spend upwards of 12 hours looking at a computer monitor while I stream. Once I got off my eyes would be super irritated. Even into the next day sometimes but with these glasses I get none of that. Would and have recommended to everyone. Great product!

  40. J*****y

    From working the esports circuits to causally gaming with friends, I’ve noticed after wearing these my eyes don’t hurt in dark rooms with bright screens. Also once I’m done gaming I can almost instantly fall asleep when it’s ready for bed instead of my eyes still focused in! Plus being colorblind it helps hinder in enemies way better with the advanced lenses compared to just normal playing. All around great comfort, great visual enhancement, and by the gamer for the gamer company!

  41. E****y

    Love these glasses. I wear contacts when streaming so my eyes always get irritated. I’ve noticed less irritation while wearing these glasses. Definitely a must have if you are in front of screens for multiple hours a day

  42. F***s


  43. Y***o

    looking good. love them even though it took more than a month to get here.

  44. R***r

    Excelente, llego muy rápido. Una excelente calidad y un marco firme

  45. A***e

    Nice product

  46. Customer

    Good quality, sent quickly

  47. I***r


  48. B***v

    За такие деньги неожиданное качество, я удивлён. 5 из 5и. Осталось показать их окулисту

  49. M***

    Excelente producto, tal cual como lo muestra en la imagen, muy buena calidad.

  50. A***v

    Пришли в коробочке. Выглядят, кстати, дорого

  51. S***v

    товар соответствует описанию, быстрая доставка, футляр, салфетка, всё хорошо упаковано, продовца рекомендую.

  52. D***o

    muy buen producto, recomendable.

  53. Customer

    Всё хорошо в чехле и с тряпочкой пришло. Очень удобно в них и стильно выгляжу Телек смотрю в них, за компом сижу и в солнечную погоду гуляю

  54. L***s

    excelente producto. llego con su estuche y un paño para limpiar. recomendado.

  55. J***n


  56. Customer

    Llegaron perfectas. Por su precio están muy muy bien, y estaban en casa 5 días antes de la fecha estimada.

  57. G***s

    πάρα πολύ ωραία

  58. T***k

    На отсвете видно, что пластик местами отлит не ровно, но в целом качество адекватно цене. В комплекте микрофибра и пластиковый чехол. Отличный бонус. Я доволен. Рекомендую

  59. N***i


  60. A***z

    gracias mi AliExpress

  61. D***a

    Exactly as shown and very lightweight! Happy with my purchase and recommend this store.

  62. Customer

    excelente productos muy satifecho muy calidad

  63. O***a

    качественные и хорошие, сели хорошо, но душки плотные и давят, если долго носить

  64. M***m

    أنا راضي على المنتج.أشكركم جميعا”………………

  65. V***v

    Всё супер, посылка дошла в целости и сохранности, дошла довольно быстро, чуть больше месяца, но меньше объявленного срока, очень доволен покупкой! Буду тестить очки)

  66. J***z

    La calidad es perfecta en fotografía se ve amarillo pero al usarlos no realmente se ve así, se los recomiendo si de noche la luz en los ojos es insoportable!

  67. S***e

    Perfectas, me ayudan a dormir mejor.

  68. L***h

    good. recommend

  69. R***r

    Packaging was real good. Product arrived without any damage. Quality seems good, will update after use

  70. D***s

    quality product, worth every penny

  71. R***v

    Всем доволен.

  72. D***v

    5* очень хорошее качество.

  73. U***n


  74. D***e

    Parfait monture solide, bien emballé, livraison rapide en 15 jours pour la France, vendeur sérieux je recommande

  75. R***a

    Produto bom, recebido em menos de 30 dias no Brasil.

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