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Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of healing which has been proven to relieve stress, pain, and muscle tension. If you’re in front of a screen all day or are very physically active, chances are you have experienced tight muscles or neck and back pains of some sort at some point. When not addressed, these pains can lead to bigger issues such as headaches, overall fatigue, body aches, poor focus, and more.

Aside from seeing a chiropractor, you can also get relief at home, on the go, and at work with this incredible Pillow Massager. At Mrs. Masseur, we’re confident you’ll feel better within 30 days — or your money back, no questions asked!



Bring the Pillow Massager with you from the home to the office for an easy way to experience tension release.

With up to eight head rollers* with forward- and reverse- rotating action, this massage must-have snugly hugs every curve and nook of your neck to back for improved blood circulation and re-oxygenation of tense, overworked muscles. Simply plug in your Pillow Massager, choose your preferred setting, and get ready to relax.

*Varies by model purchased



Relieves Sore Muscles: Powerful 3D roller heads provide deep shiatsu-style massage to help melt away tension and relieve pain. Our powerful mechanism within the pillow automatically changes direction every minute for non-stop stimulation. Plus, an advanced heating function further soothes aching muscles and provides warmth for extended relief.



Versatile: Ergonomic and compact design of our pillow massager means it fits perfectly anywhere on the body where you need relief. From lower- and upper-back to abdomen and calves, call on your personal masseuse for de-stressing anytime, anywhere.



Full-Body Decompression: Breathe in. Breathe out. This one powerful wellness accessory delivers you all-over relief without having to leave the comfort of your home.



Safety in Mind: The last thing you need is another worry on your mind. Our massager features an auto-shut off function for the motor to prevent overheating. No harm to you, no damage to the massager unit.

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Massage & Relaxation

32 reviews for Pillow Massager

  1. Customer

    The product is satisfied, reached quite quickly (in a week), works well. thank you.

  2. C***s

    Well packed, works perfectly. Very good massage

  3. Customer

    Bought for a gift, conforms to the description, not used

  4. J***r

    After a long and hard day this massager helps me sooth my aches. It is very easy to use to massage your upper, lower back, thighs. You can even attach it to your car seat. I wish the strap to attach it was a bit longer but other than that a great product.

  5. M***a

    Good store. Good Product. Good packaging (plastic bag + Bubbles film + Bubble Bag Protective packaging Strong Air Column + Plastic Envelope)

  6. B***F

    Works very well, nothing to complain.

  7. F***m

    Works as described.

  8. N****s

    I have bad pain on my neck and back during the whole pregnancy and after delivered. There is there massagers in my house but no one like this. This massager is small but strong,not heavy. It’s easy to use.My muscles are very comfortable and very relax after I use this massager. So gooooooood!

  9. L*o

    I use it a lot. I love that it has a heating feature. I have very sensitive skin in general but the fabric is soft enough that it doesn’t irritate my neck.
    My only nitpick is that the instructions say it comes with a “charging cord.” It’s not a charging cord, it’s a power cord. It has to be plugged in to work.

  10. M***r

    Great thing! Come quickly! Relaxing just power

  11. K***y

    My husband and I love this so much. It is easy to control the amount of pressure. The heat is nice but not overwhelming. I’m buying another because my husband and I don’t want to share it. Highly recommend.

  12. M***n

    This massage pillow is light and comfortable. I like to take it everywhere. I can enjoy it at any time when I am tired. I like it very much.

  13. S***n

    Received just in 4 days in UK. used for back massage and like it very much. Highly recommended.

  14. C***c

    This perfect. And I sincerely thank you for The gift and also for quality. He mentioned that I arrived in 4 days.

  15. J***e

    Enchanted it and proved little but it seems to be very good, I acquired the target that is stronger and effectively does not stop as much as you support, the cushion heats up thing that surprised me very useful the car connector very grateful thank you very much for the detail;)

  16. B***

    Adjusted price. I recommend buying the best quality. Let’s see how long this one lasts. Good value for money.

  17. J*****r

    I love this massager so much. I put in on my chair in the office and everyone likes it after give a try. There are 4 kneading nodes with heating function help to relife my muscle stiffness after long term setting on the chair.

  18. G***a

    Bought to relax my waist and neck after long taking care of new born baby. There are two models available, with or without heating. Both are quite comfortable but I preferred heating model when let it work on my neck. Temperature is just fine and warm which is like somebody’s hands touching your skin. One drawback might be the belt length to fasten the pillow on a chair, it does not fit all kinds of chairs therefore need to check it before buying.

  19. K***r

    This product is amazing! I didn’t expect such a tiny device to be so powerful. I use it for deep tissue massage all over my body – back, quads, hamstrings, calves, neck, shoulders, arm, etc. It’s a fantastic tool to use after a workout or a long day at work. Considering the cost of the massage in my area, this product has a 100% ROI after its first use. Even if it breaks after a few months, I’d get another one.

  20. J***s

    Really helpful to relax overused and tight muscles brings me real comfort and relief. You also have the option to turn on the heating function during the massage which can make you more comfortable.
    It fits perfectly for neck, shoulder, back, lumbar, abdomen, calf, and other areas. Convenient use for home, car, and office, both my husband and I love to use it. Very good quality with the great price deal.

  21. J***e

    I don’t know what I ever did without this in my life! I was afraid to buy it thinking it may not be strong enough because I prefer deep tissue massage but it gets in there and feels just like real hands kneading your muscles. I really love this massager and it has done wonders for my sore muscles after working 12 hour shifts! I was telling my ex husband about it and he had bought one as well and said he loves his too. Definitely a good investment!

  22. F***z

    The best massager I’ve ever used. I need deep tissue due to my chronic pain. I have used this massager everyday and it helps so much with my pain relief. I use it on my neck, upper and lower back, buttocks, hips and on my legs. It is so great that I fall asleep while using it. It works out the knots in my shoulders, and helps with my leg fatigue and pain after working on my feet all day. The heat element is wonderful. If you don’t like deep tissue this massager is probably not for you. It is powerful and strong. Highly recommend.

  23. V***k

    Have been using this product now for months and still working great. The best part about this massager is its compact size, which let’s you angle it however you need to reach a particular muscle. This has officially replaced by old chair style massager. It has also saved me money spent on trips to a massage parlor. Highly recommend this product.

  24. A***o

    Wish I would have bought this sooner. This is a small yet powerful massager. It is simple and easy to use with only one button to push and small enough to move around and store when not in use. Can be used on neck, shoulders, lower back, or whatever muscle is sore. You can adjust pressure as needed by how hard you lean against it. It works wonders for loosening my lower back while sitting on the couch. 10/10 would recommend.

  25. Customer

    I love this massager pillow. I work hard in a warehouse and I lift heavy items that cause me pain on my back and neck. I wanted a massager for so long and I bought this one. I am very happy with this purchase. It really helps me a lot after work. I use it almost every day at night before go to sleep, feels great on my back and neck…

  26. M***o

    Love this neck and back massager! It’s a wonderful multiple use massager! I use it for neck, upper back , lower back, shoulder, legs and the most place I like to use it’s my arms! It’s right amount of pressure for me to helps relieve stress. I have tried many other massaging products and I always have the problem with the amount of pressure, other products I have use are painful. Also providing heating function and it’s a very convenient massaging wherever i go and whenever I want! Highly recommended!

  27. R***u

    I just got this product today. My neck and back have been killing me (likely due to the extra screen time from staying indoors) and so I was looking for something that could help. This thing feels AMAZING and is super easy to use.

  28. C***t

    Pleasantly surprised the pain relief I was able to get from this inexpensive device. It gives off just the right amount of heat it gives off is not overbearing and such a great bonus to this functional and easy to use massager. I’m using it for lower back pain and have gotten relief using this while lying down and sitting up. It’s great to be able to attach it to a chair or pillow. Hard enough to get knots of those aching joints but also great for working muscles that to tender to touch but needs a nice massage feeling. So far I’m really enjoying the relief I’m getting from this device.

  29. V***i

    Works from the network when connected. 3 Speed: fast, medium, slow, works with sound. The size is compact, not particularly warm Massager. It massages nicely, with a light heating effect (pleasant heat). I can safely recommend!

  30. A***s

    I would Recommend this to EVERYONE!!! it’s takes all my stress and yes it feels AMAZING!! You can’t control the speed or the softness but it’s PERFECT! I useD it everywhere, my neck, upper and Lowe back, and my calf. You can NOT go wrong with it.

  31. J***e

    I have recently developed sciatic issues and even though I have it under control for the most part, I still get the occasional stiff hip and lower back and wake up with aches that travel up into my shoulders. This little thing is amazing. It provides just enough pressure for relief with no poking pains like I’ve experienced in massage chairs. The heat is not hot; it’s just warm enough to feel very relaxing. The velcro straps hold together very well. I strapped it to my computer chair that has a fairly wide back and the straps did not budge. I definitely reccomend!!

  32. A***e

    This thing is wonderful. Great for neck, back, and legs. Not so much feet because it kind of rotates your feet off and they can’t stay on it very well. Also, if you have long hair pull it up because it will work it’s way through the mesh covering and start getting wound up in the rotators and you will freak out and scramble to un plug the thing because the on off switch seems to only power it on and then turn the heating on and off not turn off the power. But overall, totally worth it and I love it.

  33. N***a

    It’s the perfect device. The engine is powerful, it does not stop under the pressure of my hand, even when I am lying on it with my body. It has three speeds. After switching on, the program runs for 15 minutes – after each minute there is a pause for one second and the rotation starts on the other side. After 15 minutes we can start the device again. It glows red and warms a little. There is a zipper around the whole device for opening – you can explore it :-). It also has a plug to the car. It was delivered in 8 days. I am very SATISFIED, thank you to the store.

  34. N***a

    I really like this! It’s a nice large pad with easy to use buttons and I can spray the pad lightly for a moist heat. This heating pad can help me relax after every time I came back from work. It’s really comfortable, and the best part is it has a auto shut off design, I don’t need to worry about using it while at night. I think its the perfect size without it being big and bulky. I also use it for my lower back and legs,it feels great ! I want to buy it again for my family members ~

  35. I***o

    Arrived on time ? No actually it was earlier than it said it would take and wasn’t here an hour before I put it to work and have kept it in use daily ever since it only makes me wish I had ordered it earlier on so to have been in relief of that pain sooner than I was its highly recommended to anyone looking for a easy way to work out those kinks that’s just out of reach with your own hands and its a lot stronger than I thought it would be (the more you push back against it the deeper it digs in) you’ll give up before it gives out !!!! As far as the digging in deeper goes the inferred (heat) works well also just an extra touch on the on bottom once for on with massage unit and the second activates the both heat with massage it even comes with a car plug for the use as you drive making it great for the trip home after a hard day at work getting all the tension and stiffness out relieving you of the pain and stress all while your on the way home to loosin you up to do what ever you would have been to warn out to do if you’d not had this lil feller to straighten you out before !!!!!! Highly recommend this to anybody with back pain

  36. D***a

    все супер

  37. M***a

    подушка классная! доставка быстрая. пришло сдэком. всё работает, неприятного запаха нет. работают разные режимы, и греет ощутимо. заказывала маме плечи и поясницу разминать. мама в восторге! села телевизор смотреть, положила подушечку, подключила и не надо никого просить помочь или массажировать! очень удобно! спасибо!

  38. E***s

    классный массажер, сильно массирует плечи и шею, довольна вся семья.

  39. R***h

    Массажерка класная! Беру во второй раз. В первый раз дарил бабушке, она в восторге. Второй раз брал теще на подарок к новому году. Коробка очень помята, очевидно с грузового вагона мою посылку швырнули первой, и на нее падали остальные посылки )) ну хорошо что ничего не повреждено. Рекомендую к покупке. Да кстати у этой модели две кнопки. Одна отвечает за режим работы а другая за скорость вращения кулачков.

  40. Customer

    быстро и в хорошем состоянии

  41. G***y


  42. V***a

    Все хорошо работает , быстро доставка .

  43. U***u

    Впринципп подушка хорошая, со своими задачами справляется, но ожидалось большего

  44. S***y

    I’m very satisfied

  45. I***a

    очень хороший массажер. беру третью штуку. на подарок. к покупке рекомендую. 5баллов

  46. I***a

    отличный. беру 3штуку. на подарок. к покупке рекомендую. по три шара. мнет офигенно

  47. Customer

    Very good

  48. I***v

    2 режима, крутая штука, мега быстрая доставка, прям ну офигеть. 12.11 заказал, а 23.11 уже забрал. всем доволен

  49. Y***y

    доставили в указанный срок, это удивительно для магазинов алиэкспрес. товар норм, можно плкупать. устройство работает от сети (нет батарейки)

  50. R***r

    Пришло быстро, в комплекте, ничего не повреждено.Доставили прямо на работу. Всем доволен.

  51. R***r

    зарядное устройство было разобрано

  52. V***b

    товар соответствует описанию.доставка в Архангельск 10 дней

  53. H***k

    배송빠르고 가격대비 만족합니다 한15분뒤 자동 멈춤기능이 있습니다

  54. R***r

    Приятный массажер. Есть адаптер для использования в машине. Еще приятный бонус, брелок-колечко для телефона.

  55. D***v

    пришло до Уфы за 11 дней,заказывал с РФ, доставка бесплатно курьером сдэк. упаковка цела, все работает и греет. тестрирую.

  56. E***o

    genial, recomiendo

  57. T***a

    заказывала второй раз. Получение на первой неделе до квартиры. Подушка просто супер. Ничем не уступает оригиналу только чуть поменьше и легче. Продавец хороший. рекомендую заказывать.

  58. D***v

    Пришло на удивление быстро всё работает

  59. A***v

    Доставка из России 11дней. Все работает. Норм.

  60. I***v

    Товар полностью соответствует описанию! Качество товара на высоте. Рекомендую продавца и товар!

  61. N***a

    люди,вещь охуенная,скажу я вам,долго думала ,заказывать или нет,решила взять с тремя головками и двумя кнопками на белой панели,пришла посылка с России за десять дней до Пензы..правду говорят на белой панели крутятся под давлением,не останавливаясь,сама лично проверила.берите с белой панелью.работает отлично,если лечь на нее шеей,все проминает как надо,и спину тоже,плюс в машину можно брать.короче крутая вещьспасибо продавцу

  62. F***n

    хорошая вещица мнет хорошо

  63. D***l

    доставка быстрая СДЭКом до двери. пластик белого цвета, две кнопки. кажется, что ткань со временем порвётся в местах швов, посмотрим.. три почти одинаковых шариков хуже справляются чем два разных по размеру. греет норм. советую

  64. J***n

    Product is great, shipping is fast than i expected. i highly recommend this product

  65. R***r

    Товар пришел из РФ быстро на почту. три режима скорости. вполне пойдет мышцы размять.

  66. G***k

    Думал размер подушки будет больше. Все устраивает. Уже пол часа масажирует шею. ( Из подушки выпали 2 острых болта. Хорошо что все сам проверил.

  67. A***v

    Посылка пришла за 10 дней в Краснодар. Все соответствует описанию и работает. Продавцу большое спасибо!

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